Technology, if used in a meaningful and relevant manner, is an exciting and invaluable component of any subject or area of study. At Aurora Prep, computer technology is introduced to students at the primary level, and integrated in more advanced ways as students advance through the grades.

Junior Kindergarten students utilize tablet versions of spelling, language and mathematic apps to supplement their learning while establishing technological proficiency and confidence. As students become more adept with the tablets, our curriculum begins to implement them as part of their regular learning.

Up to and including the junior grades, in-house equipment and technology is provided on a regular basis. Students are introduced to the purpose and functioning of office suites, as well as internet safety, keyboarding skills and other relevant programs and applications. E-Beams, projectors and Smart Boards also supplement student learning.

The technology program for Grades 7 and 8 is much more advanced, and the use of a personal laptop is required, as most work is assigned, submitted and graded electronically. Students learn how to maintain daily agendas independently, plan and prepare for upcoming tests and assignments, and schedule time commitments. These are much needed skills for future success throughout their academic career. In addition, students learn how to complete and submit coursework using various software and programs. This on-line platform allows parents to monitor homework and keep on top of the progress of their child.

While our approach is technologically driven, we do not disregard the traditional methods of learning with pencil and paper. We view technology is a tool and always endeavour to maintain an appropriate and positive balance.