School Activities

In addition to the activities that take place on a daily basis at APA, we reserve a day each month for a special event. This activity may not be just for the students, but for their families too!

School Musical: A school play like no other…written and directed by our Principals where every student has a speaking role. The puns are plentiful and the songs will keep your toes tapping!

Date Night: A night for the parents (but loved by the kids, too!). We’ll supervise/babysit while you enjoy an evening without the kids!

Welcome Back Barbecue: Family and friends are invited to join us for an afternoon of food, refreshments and bouncy castle fun.

Family Breakfast: We’ll make you breakfast and even do the clean-up. A perfect way to start the day!

Music Night: All the nights and weekends spent practicing their instruments come together as a symphonic delight, followed by refreshments and fellowship.

Parents’ Morning Coffee: Take some time to chat with other parents and share a coffee and some pastries after morning drop-off.

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Social: An afternoon of food, fun and frivolity hosted by our primary students.