Sports Teams & Intramurals

Team sports are an integral and exciting component of our athletic program. Aurora Prep is a member of the SSAF (Small School’s Athletic Federation), providing us with the opportunity to compete with similarly-sized schools in a variety of team games, including: volleyball, basketball, soccer, ball hockey, track and field, cross-country, softball and golf. The promotion of positive personal and inter-player skills, such as respect, fair play, commitment and camaraderie, is balanced perfectly with a desire to succeed on the court, field and diamond.

We also encourage students of all ages to participate in numerous sports, After-School athletics, and intramural activities. Intramural teams are comprised of students, across grade levels, regardless of skill and ability. Beyond learning how to work as a team, students discover how to overcome obstacles, build relationships, develop problem-solving skills and keep active, all while maintaining a high level of respect for their teammates and opponents.  Most importantly, they have fun! Intramural teams include: European Handball, basketball, dodge ball, indoor soccer and floor hockey.