The Difference

We offer a unique educational experience and recognize that not all students learn the same way.

While most students flourish with our varied and multi-faceted instructional styles - including small group activities, hands-on discovery, student-led learning, and lecture-based delivery - there are others who may require more. Many of our students, for example, work beyond grade-level in some subjects, while there are others who may need review or individual assistance to ensure understanding.

Accordingly, student learning can be tailored to individual needs, and the way in which we teach will be adapted as required by the student. Aurora Prep has developed the ability to provide both exceptional enrichment and support, thanks to the dedication of our teachers combined with a willingness to differentiate learning for the benefit of each learner. Of course, our ‘old-school approach’ of marking work daily, providing continuous feedback and requiring the completion of corrections also ensures the success of all our students.

In addition to adaptive learning, we offer the following programme highlights to all students and grades:

  • Full integration of a comprehensive and diverse technology programme
  • Traditional instruction of spelling, grammar and cursive writing skills
  • Numerous opportunities to develop public speaking and presentation capabilities
  • Extended French classes, beginning at the JK level
  • Enhanced visual arts and music programmes, beginning at the JK level
  • Extensive athletic programme, utilizing our full, on-site gymnasium, outdoor field, and the newly-renovated Leisure Complex