COVID-19 Advisory Page

APA currently has 1 COVID-19 case.

CLICK HERE for APA's Updated Policies and Protocols (2020).
CLICK HERE for APA's Approach to Re-opening 2021

Some of the highlights of our new policies and procedures, which should help set parents' minds at ease about sending your kids to school:
• A firm limit of 15 students per class (most have fewer than 15);
• Medical-grade air purifiers in each classroom;
• Twice-weekly fogging of the entire building;
• Daily fogging of the bathrooms;
• The hiring of additional staff to clean and sanitize throughout the day;
• Touchless water filling stations;
• Handwashing stations throughout the building;
• Touchless soap and paper towel dispensers;
• Sensor-operated water faucets;
• Touchless sanitizer dispensers throughout the building;
• The creation and maintenance of cohorts that stay together the entire school day;
• The staggering of schedules;
• Extension of our class periods to one hour each to allow for easier transitions and sanitization;
• Lunch in classrooms rather than the lunchroom to avoid the mingling of cohorts;
• Longer recesses in the morning and afternoon to allow for extended transitions that incorporate social distancing;
• Live streaming of lessons to allow students who are unwell to remain at home while remaining on top of their studies.

We know it is impossible to eliminate the risk, but we are fully confident we are doing everything possible to mitigate it to ensure the health and safety of our students, our staff, and our families.